The Signature Code DNA

Signature Code is a Paris-based firm of software engineering enthusiasts. We started with two people in 2004; today we are a fully-operational team ready to solve today's complex Web and office automation projects. We help our partners and customers quickly add value by focusing entirely on their core business. We build trust through individual relationships to drive long-term projects.

We see our mission as more than just turning a profit.


Technical enthusiasts that we are, we have always worked on promising, cutting-edge technologies. We carefully and continuously select techniques and methods, retaining only those that have proven effective for a particular context. We adopted Microsoft solutions from the outset, and have confidence in the future of their development environment. Our designs are in line with the latest radical changes in the Web and are often based on the traditional ASP.Net MVC/SQL Server pair with client interfaces using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

We use the best current technology to implement and industrialize software engineering projects.

Our approach

The projects we have completed over the years, each with their specific requirements, have helped us improve our methods, our thinking, and our solutions. We do not try to find THE answer, but rather we select the solution best suited to each situation, targeting long-term viability and upgradability. Our qualified software components and tools are the result of our tested modular designs. These components, developed either in-house or by third parties, are optimized to work together to accelerate and secure new development.

The essential focus of our R&D is on capitalization and system evolution in order to offer sustainable components and software architectures.

The environment

The Web is not our only sandbox. We also work in office automation environments such as the CiviKey project. This free open-source project is designed to make it easier for people with physical handicaps to use electronic devices and computers. We are developing this software in partnership with IN'TECH, school of computer science, the Alcatel-Lucent group, the Garches Foundation, the Stéria Foundation, and the Garches hospital's New Technology Platform (PFNT).

These partnerships support us in our commitment to society by providing the resources for us to pursue this important Open Source project.